Emergency Medical Delivery X-UAV

Adapting a Talon X-UAV for emergency medical deliveries in remote destinations, I worked on a team that designed, fabricated, and tested this during a two week sprint.

The Multicultural Innovator's eXperience

As President of "The MIX", I have helped grow a community of celebration and empowerment towards the diversity on campus

Designing a Kite: Transport Phenomena

Using my knowledge of Transport Phenomena, my team and I created a fully functional kite that behaved as it was modeled in MATLAB.

A user friendly, mostly autonomous coffee machine that grinds its' own beans, dispenses them, brews coffee, adds milk & sugar, and stirs.

Line Following Robot

A common integrated engineering project where I strived towards simplicity and efficiency with my mechanical designs.

An analysis project where my partner and I created an algorithm that uses smartphone data to detect falls and determine whether you were injured based on changed in your walking frequency

Laser Cut Box

My first attempt at CAD, fabrication, and assembly with real meaning behind it!

Mercedes Automata

A laser cut box with cam-shaft driven hills that make it look like you're driving through hills.

A Silly Barn

A massive table-top barn team project that required 150+ man hours to complete.

LV box

Olin Electric Motorsports

The Skull Clock

A massive multi-layer skull head clock team project that required advanced manufacturing techniques

Air Partners Research

A semester long individual project with Professor Scott Hersey on practical yet aesthetic containers for his air quality instruments.

Olin Baja Steering

A dynamic individual assignment to a massive team project where I was tasked with aspects of determining how our steering should be placed.

Clay Car Modeling

A semester-long project to learn important automotive design skills as well as to experiment with clay modeling for the first time.

Slide N' Hide

A physics based game for 4th graders and their families made as a team project. This was delivered to local families and they tested it.